Discover How To Have The Mental Golf Game Of A Pro, Play With Golf Confidence And Be
"In The Zone" On Command 
Now You Can Carry The
"Invisible Club Of Mental Golf Confidence"
In Your Bag
"Golf Is A Game Played On A Five Inch Course,
The Distance Between Your Ears" - Bobby Jones

"Golf Is 90% Mental" - Jack Nicklaus
Do you play the game relaxed, yet in control? Or do play tense and let your emotions control you and rule your game?
Do you try to hard, or let the game come to you? Have you noticed the harder you try the worse things get?
Are you self-sabotaging your own game with your own bad habits or thinking? What kind of thoughts do you carry with you hole to hole? Positive thoughts or negative thoughts?
Do you have a pre-shot routine? Do you do everything the same every time? Your setup, address position, grip, posture and alignment?
Do you make bad decisions concerning club selection, wind direction or other course management issues?
Would it surprise you to know that these are mental errors, and can be corrected by practicing your mental golf game just as you practice your mechanical skills?

Fact: Most golfers spend countless hours on the practice range and yet see no dramatic improvement in score - why do you think that is?

Do you practice with mental purpose? Do you use visualization techniques?

Odds are, probably not. Why? 

Very few pro’s teach this!  And very few Pro’s teach this because it seems quite complicated.

But now, I've made it easy for you to develop your mental golf game and learn to think like a Pro.
Now You Can Have The Golf Confidence
And Mental Golf Game Of A Pro
What makes a great pro golfer?

It's their mental golf ability, their internal dialogue which gives them golf confidence.

After the truly great golfers, say the top 10, the rest of the field is pretty much even in terms of mechanical skills.

So just what is it that separates the winners from the losers?

It's their mental golf game.

It's their imagination.

It's their ability to visualize every shot.

It's their ability to maintain focus, concentration and control of their emotions on the golf course in the midst of pressure packed situations and crowds in the thousands.

It's their ability to think clearly and control their emotions in any situation while blocking any negative thoughts trying to creep in. Their Internal Dialogue!

It's their ability to play the game shot by shot, never letting a poor shot affect their next shot!

It's their ability to mentally change a bad break into a good break.

How many times have you seen it happen?

The impossible shot, the miracle putt, the winning birdie on the 72nd hole to win a tournament.

What makes for these great moments?

Simply stated, the power of the mind and their level of golf confidence. Because of their internal dialogue they know the ball is going in the hole before they hit that putt.

Would it surprise you to know that part of every top Golf Pro's menagerie includes a mental coach?

We all know they have private instructors to work on them with their mechanics, but did you know they employ mental coaches to keep their mind as fit as their golf swing?

For it isn't the golf swing that wins tournaments, it's the power of their thoughts. And they work on that area of their game as hard as the mechanical area of their game.

When a pro goes into a slump it is not their mechanics that need worked on, it's their mind....their internal dialogue.

Do you think these most incredible players in the world lose their mechanical ability?

Of course not, they lose their mental edge, and it's their mental edge that wins  tournaments!

When a pro goes into a slump, it means one thing, their thoughts have been hijacked by negativity - and they lose their ability to get into "The Zone"!
Is Negativity Hijacking Your Golf Game?
Is your mind consistently hijacked with negative thoughts?

Let me give you an example.

Do you think thoughts like, "Don't Hit It In The Water", or do you think thoughts like "Hit It In The Middle Of The Fairway"?

You see, the subconscious mind cannot think in negatives, it only hears the substance of your internal dialogue.

If you are thinking "Don't Hit It In The Water", your subconscious only recognizes "Hit It In The Water."

And you really thought those water hazards were water magnets designed to purposely attract your ball.

They are water magnets only because you are thinking of them that way, or even actually announcing it on the tee - "Watch Out For The Water Magnet On The Left". What do you think that says to your subconscious mind?

Here's a tip for you - good golfers don't even see the water hazards or acknowledge their existence because the water hazard isn't their target, the green or fairway is - and that's what they focus on!

The target where they want to hit the ball!

Not a subconsciously planted target where they DON'T want to hit the ball.
It's Not Your Fault
Really, it isn't...

You haven't been coached in the mental golf game, and you haven't been given the internal dialogue drills to improve your game.

While you may have had professional coaching for the mechanics of your game, has any golf instructor ever given you the keys to mental golf success?

Probably not, in fact, odds are it wasn't even mentioned.

But now you can you can have the mental secrets of the pros, be in total control of your mental game, learn internal relaxation, balance and rhythm and...
Imagine The Ball Into The Hole With This Powerful Binaural Beats Golf Visualization Series
Introducing the most complete mental golf and golf confidence series available today.

Now you can learn the secrets of mental golf in these guided visualization journeys that give you the ability to get into "The Zone" and play the best golf of your life.

Developed by Shelly Lynott, LC cHT, this comprehensive four session mental golf program will give you everything you need to take control of your mind and emotions and take control of your golf game - once and for all.

All of these sessions are recorded using Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment making it the most advanced system for mental golf available!
Visualization Journey 1:
Relaxation, Balance and Rhythm
Brainwave Entrainment With Binaural Beats Will Change
Your Mental Game Virtually Overnight - Why?
Did you know you are are a "Living Metronome"?

That's right!

We all have our own internal rhythm that we march to. Golf is about relaxation and discovering your internal rhythm and balance. Once you understand and find your internal rhythm it can be transferred to your external rhythm - your golf game.

We all know a great golf swing is about rhythm and balance. Now, you can have the same relaxed and rhythmic swing time after time as you learn to use your internal metronome.

This first journey addresses relaxation, balance and rhythm helping you to connect mind and body with your internal metronome. 

Plus a score lowering warm up routine you can take to the first Tee and be in tune with your mental golf game with your very first swing. Minutes in this journey - 39:24
Visualization Journey 2:
The Swing And Putt
Because You will experience states of profoundly deep (and extremely pleasurable) meditation, safely and effortlessly allowing your brain to absorb the suggestions we make easily and effortlessly.
Because You will form new neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, leading you to a high-performance state scientists call "whole brain functioning".
Because You will rapidly improve your ability to focus, concentrate and get into the zone quickly.
Because You will experience quantum leaps in your personal self awareness. Self Awareness is a critical element in playing good golf. Are you aware of your surroundings, the elements, your abilities? 
Because You will dramatically reduce your stress levels and relaxation is key to good golf.
Your second visualization journey assists you in developing an easy and repeatable pre-shot routine and helps you develop an effective and repeatable putting routine - just like the pros.

Have you noticed pros do everything the same - every time.

They pick their target, align their shot and visualize exactly the outcome they wish to produce.

They stalk the hole on the green, reading it, judging the speed and break, and doing it the same way every time.

Now you will too! Minutes in this journey - 45:24
Visualization Journey 3:
Your Golf Game
Your third visualization journey starts putting it all together for you.

You'll find focus and start developing a golfing mind that will fill you with golf confidence as we meld and blend your mind and body into a par making golfing machine.

You'll start assimilating the previous lessons to become a complete mental golfer and learn to block your mind from negativity that has plagued your rounds in the past, learning to play the game as you are supposed to play it, one shot at a time.

In other words, you'll start thinking, imagining and visualizing like a pro. Minutes in this journey - 44:23
Visualization Journey 4:
Play Your Own Course
Your final journey will bring it all together for you.

This journey is built on perfect practice - Mental Practice that is!

Here you are guided in a relaxation routine that assists you in freeing your mind of all thoughts while releasing the tension in your body so that you can play your OWN course.

There is not a better way to mentally practice than visualizing your own home course.

Just like the pro’s - imagining yourself feeling relaxed, balanced, in rhythm, focused and in tune with yourself and your surroundings.

You mentally rehearse.

You'll practice your perfect shot routines, hitting your targets and making your putts - over and over again.

The right mental rehearsal will give you the confidence to trust your game!

The right mental rehearsal will put you in control of your mind, your body and your game - and where better to visualize that than playing your own course?

Let Shelly take you hole to hole, while you shoot the best score of your life! Minutes in this journey - 61:24
Hear What Other Golfers Are
Saying About Shelly's Program
"I found that listening to the hypnotism segments assisted me in becoming very relaxed.

This translated to my golf game where I became much more comfortable over the ball and more reactionary to the target and less thoughtful.

It is so important to to play subliminally without thought.

I recommend this product very strongly."

Chris Isaacson,
Director of Golf
Tri-City Country Club

"Shelly’s hypnosis programs actually work!

As a country club golfer since 1999, I have tried many tools, gadgets, swing lessons and drills over the years.

However, what was missing from all these devices and activities was the MENTAL part of the game...which is crucial to success!

After just a few listening sessions I experienced something very neat on the golf course.

1. I am now more “prepared to play”

2. I have better balance and timing

3. My scores have come down, especially in tournaments where the pressure is at its highest

My advice; give these programs a try - if you are like me, you have been emphasizing the physical game but not the mental game!

Good luck and good listening."

Tom L.
Seattle, WA

"After using Shelly's Golf Confidence program I was able to lower my handicap from 22 to 17.

Now I am able to control my breathing and my rhythm is so much better I can't believe it.

After listening to her program I've learned to focus on my golf swing and disregard things that are not important during the golf game.

Also, I've learned to recover quickly after a bad shot and refocus on the next."

Olja D.
Kennewick WA

"Shelly's program helped me relax and took the tension away, but the main thing they did was give me belief in myself."

Samantha W.
Freshman Player
Concordia University
Portland OR
Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Mental Golf Game And Play The Best Golf Of Your Life?
Why You Need This Program
Because You will be relaxed internally and externally, at one with your game and your surroundings and be in total control.
Because You will learn to recognize and control your own internal timing and balance so you can experience it externally, when you play the game. You will be at one with your internal metronome!
Because You will make fewer mental mistakes and lower your scores. Finally break through those mental barriers that have been holding back your game and be in control of your thoughts and emotions on the golf course.
Because You will discover the power of your internal dialogue and how to block negative thoughts from entering your mind.
Because You will be laser focused on every shot, and learn to play the game shot by shot, one at a time, just like the pro's do. Sick of Double and Triple Bogeys? Watch them disappear and your score drop like a rock.
Because now You will drive it down the middle every time with this easy Tee Shot Routine like the Pro’s use. No more "water magnets" for you!
Because You will hit more greens in regulation with this Approach Shot Routine like the Pro’s use. Watch your scores plummet when you are hitting greens and making easy pars and more birdies.
Because You will eliminate 3 putts with this easy to repeat putting routine like the Pro’s use. No more missed 4 footers for par. No more knee knocking, gut wrenching fear standing over an important putt. You will simply imagine it into the hole and drain it.
Because You will discover an easy way how to get into get into the zone and stay there. You will play relaxed, in balance, in rhythm and play the best golf of your life.
Because You will unlock the secret of dealing with bad shots or bad breaks and how to shut down the negative internal dialogue immediately. NO more carrying negative thoughts to the next tee or next shot like some piece of damaged baggage. No more train wrecks on hole #12.
Because You will achieve ALL of this easily and rapidly when you use the combination of hypno-visualization and Binaural Beats with the most dynamic mental golf program available today!
Listen To This Sample
Shelly has been recognized nationally for her incredible coaching and her amazing voice. Her smooth, velvety voice will capture you and compel your imagination in your hypno-visualization journies. Please listen to this sample taken directly from the Mental Golf Confidence Program.
Your Ironclad Lifetime 100%
Money Back Guarantee

This is Shelly, and I just want you to know I am so confident that my program will give you the mental golf confidence you need to take control of your game and lower your score that I am making you this outrageous guarantee.

If for any reason you are unhappy with my program I will give you 100% of your money back for any reason - FOR LIFE!
As a professional life coach, hypnotherapist and sports performance coach, the most important thing to me is making sure my program produces results for YOU.  If for any reason you feel I haven't delivered the best I have to offer, just contact me at any time for a full refund.

I am assuming all the risk for life, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try my mental golf confidence program and watch your golf game be transformed.

To Your Success

Shelly Lynott, LC cHT
Ready To Lower Your Score With This Powerful Mental Golf Confidence Program That Will Give You The Keys To Getting In The Zone On Demand?
I want to discover the secrets to mental golf, build my golf confidence and learn to think like a Pro.

I want to find my internal rhythm, balance and timing and connect with my internal metronome so I can have external rhythm, balance and timing in my golf game.

I want to lower my score, be in control of my emotions on the course and change my internal dialogue.

I want to learn the magic of imagination and visualization and how to incorporate it into my game.

I am sick of 3 putts, triple bogeys and my self sabotage with negative thoughts.

I now understand what Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones and the other great golfers mean by golf being 90% mental and the importance of Mental Rehearsal!

I want to discover how to get in "The Zone" right now!
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Discover These Mental Golf Game Secrets In
3 Easy "Lounge Chair Lessons" And
Lower Your Score In Just 43 Minutes!
Develop The Winning Mental Habits Of The Pro's And Play Better Golf
Create A Winner's Powerful Internal Dialogue And Lower Your Score
Discover The Power Of Mental Imagery And Better Your Game
Relaxation Is The Foundation Of Playing Good Golf
The fundamentals of golf require you to execute a consistent routine of relaxation where you can soften in your mind and body, see your target, visualize hitting your target prior to addressing the ball and play one shot at a time. 

Developing and consistently executing the mental game fundamentals is what sets the top pro’s apart from the rest. 

Relaxation is key in both the game of golf and your mental rehearsal because it assists you in quieting your mind so that you can connect to your body.

With a quiet mind you are better able to zoom in to focus on the task at hand.

You are also better able to see your situation more clearly making it easier to formulate strategic decisions.  

Bottom line, relaxation opens the door to your ability to visualize and experience perfect practice. 

The key in mental rehearsal or mental imagery is seeing and feeling it.

It’s very difficult to experience perfection when your critical mind is shouting at you. 

Spending time in a relaxed state free from your inner critic provides you with the additional practice time without additional wear and tear on your body. Plus you are creating new neural pathways and muscle memory just by imagining it.

Imagination is more powerful than will power.

You must see it … in order to be it!

Just ask Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan once said, “I visualized where I wanted to be, what kind of player I wanted to become. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and I focused on getting there.”

Your physical game is ONLY as good as your imagination. How much time do you spend envisioning your game? Your swing? Your putt?

When you are mentally prepared you will be better able to successfully navigate through adversity. 

You will be better able to stay focused.

Many players and coaches (in all sports) feel that mental preparation can be as much as 90% of the game. 

My question to you is….if you already have a mental game….how do you know what you’ve been envisioning is correct?  

How do you know you are mentally practicing a winning intention, dialogue and pre-shot routines?
Discover How To Have The Mental Golf Game Of A Pro
Let me ask you...

Do you have a mental game that you are absolutely 100% confident with? 

Do you know and consistently execute the mental game fundamentals of relaxation, balance and rhythm in your practice and during a game?

Do you know how to relax in your daily life? 

If not, don’t you think it might be an unreasonable expectation to have when you are standing over a knee knocker 4 foot putt for par?

Do you know how to quiet your mind? 

Can you zoom in and zone out at will? 

Is your rhythm something that comes and goes? 

What if you could connect to your internal metronome in as easy as breathing in and breathing out?

What is your intention for EVERY game? 

Are you able to play one shot at a time or are you carrying your last bad shot to the next hole…or even worse…multiple holes?

Do you use mental imagery on and off the course? 

Have you established a warm up routine that you never EVER stray from? 

Do you have a pre-shot routine that you never falter from?

Here are some more critical questions to ask yourself...
Why You Should Believe Me
Hi, My name is Shelly Lynott LC cHT, and I'm a Life Coach and certified Hypnotherapist specializing in sports performance coaching.

I have devoted myself to helping people achieve their goals in life as well as sports.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to consult golf experts, real students of the game, individuals who have spend 50 + years taking every course, reading every book and watching nearly every book written by the pros. 

Who on earth has time to do that ….do YOU?  I didn’t think so, that’s why I’ve taken the fundamentals from all of the pros and created Mental Golf Confidence just for you. 

I’ve taken the most important basics of the mental golf game and made them easy to learn and incorporate in your physical game.  All you have to do is sit in your lounge chair for 43 minutes!

I know that sounds nearly ludicrous …but it truly is that easy.  All you need to do is put your earphones on, sit back, relax and let your imagination drive you to lower scores.  

If the best golfers that ever lived are telling you that golf is 90% mental, doesn't it make sense you should practice that part of your game as often as you practice the mechanics of ball striking?

Well, here is some good news for you!